Master’s Student Publishes Book

sunriseElazia Paul Major a Masters student at Pwani University has published a book entitled “Blood After Sunrise” published on April 4, 2014 by . Blood After Sunrise is a novel that explores the problem of ethnicity in African countries. The problem of ethnicity is a disease that destroys social relationships and hinders the development of democratic space in Africa. In addition to that, it has caused a lot of civil strife and breeds discontent and hatred. These are factors that have contributed to the deterioration of security and disunity of many countries making the citizens to suffer from human rights violations and social conflict. Blood After Sunrise chronicles these problems in Africa through the encounters of John, who is caught up in the conflict arising from the post-election violence in Shantytown. He sets out to find his wife and son only to be sacked into the fighting pitying different tribes and the police. He has to find a way to escape the city, but ends up saving innocent victims of the civil strife. In the process of trying to find his wife and son, he encounters ethnic atrocities and police brutality. He becomes a victim of ethnic hatred and is falsely accused of murder. The book concludes by showing that the solutions to the ethnic problems are usually short-lived and are not long lasting. The problem is still eschewing African societies despite political settlements. This was the case in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast among many other African countries after democratic elections in the 2005-2012 period. The library congratulates Elazia for his achievement. Link to Excerpt of the Book: Book available for purchase on amazon: #Blood_after_sunrise Read the first chapter available on Issuu: