teealSubject Strengths General agriculture, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, rural development, plant breeding, pathology, entomology, natural resources, Fisheries/Aquatic Science, microbiology, genetics & genomics, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology/Applied Microbiology, crop production, forestry, nutrition & food science, soil science and biotechnology, Entomology and Pest Control, Human Medicine, Physiology, Plant Science and Soil Science.

How to Access TEEAL TEEAL database can be accessed all over the campus through the Local Area Network (LAN). To access TEEAL databases installed in the server each computer on campus must be physically configured and TEEAL index installed. The TEEAL Index is currently installed on computers in the school of Agricultural and environmental Sciences and in the students’ computer Labs. Kindly contact the library for more information on how to access TEEAL.

Click this link to access TEEAL.