Teeal Teeal Training Awareness and Sensitization was recently conducted on 13th and 17th of February 2015 respectively at the University Student lab. The event which targeted academic staff from the School of Agriculture and also the School of Pure and Applied Sciences was very productive. Librarians spoke boldly and loudly about e-resources and demonstrated that they are easily accessible from within the Campus. The sessions covered the Background information of Teeal (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library), installation and hands-on practical activity on access of Teeal database. Academic staff were also enlightened on the existence of other electronic resources and services that can be accessed and utilised by users of the library. The fact that academic members of staff had hands- on sessions, navigating the computers and exploring the resources, was really a milestone achievement to librarians and the Management of the University. The most important achievement was the fact that this sensitization reached out to over 30 academic staff led by their Deans from the two schools.