Guardian of societal continual improvement through the provision of equitable access to information and knowledge.


To be a globally renowned library focused on empowering its customers with information and knowledge mastery skills needed in Education, Science, Research, Technology, Innovation and Extension.


To support quality learning, teaching, research, extension and innovation service objects and functions of Pwani University by providing access to documented information through deliberate activities of collection development, information organization, preservation, interpretation and dissemination to current and anticipated faculty, students, staff of Pwani University and the public.


  1. Acquire, organize, maintain and disseminate relevant information material containers and channels for the Pwani University.
  2. Promote and market library services to the Pwani University. 
  3. Provide favorable study and learning environment to customers.
  4. Support and facilitate the teaching, learning, research, innovation and extension.
  5. Train customers on information literacy and competencies.


  1. Specificity                 :         Each customer his book
  2. Measurability         :         Each books its customer
  3. Attainability            :         Information is for use
  4. Reliability                  :         Save the time of the customer
  5. Timeliness                :         Save the time of the librarian
  6. Modernism              :         Library is a growing organism
  7. Collaboration        :         In unity is strength


Cradle of novel knowledge