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General Library Rules & Guidelines

  1. All library users MUST produce their student/staff Identification Card (ID) before borrowing any information material.
  2. Reference books will not be issued on loan
  3. Before leaving the counter-desk (Circulation Desk) members must satisfy that the book(s) they intend to borrow are in good condition. Any damage MUST be reported to the circulation librarian failure to which the member will be held responsible.
  4. Books in special demand will be loaned for shorter period as may be deemed necessary.
  5. Borrowed books may be recalled without notice, if and when required
  6. Members are fore-warned that absence from the university will not be an excuse for the delay in the return of books, unless in special circumstances stated.
  7. Personal books, files and laptops will be allowed inside the library only upon approval from the security guard on duty.
  8. Absolute silence shall be observed inside and around the library
  9. All communication gadgets including cell phones, pagers, radios, beepers, iPod, should be left on silent mode before entering the library
  10. There shall be no smoking in the library
  11. There shall be no sleeping in the library (Library Desks/furniture)
  12. Foods, Water and Beverages are not allowed in the library
  13. Books should be read away from the shelves. Do not RESHELVE after reading
  14. It is PROHIBITED to sit on library books.

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