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PU Virtual Library Rules & Guidelines



The PU Virtual Library is responsible for determining the rules for user behaviour and conduct as necessary to protect the rights of individuals and proper equipment use. Any individual who repeatedly violates them shall be denied the privilege of access to the Virtual Library by the Library Management.


PU Virtual Library Rules and Guidelines

  1. There shall be need to present an identity card before using the Virtual Library facility on first come first served basis via use of own registered accounts, activated at the Virtual Library.
  2. Personal belongings such as handbags, briefcases, etc. are disallowed within VL.
  3. Workstation No.1&2 shall remain reserved for persons living virtual impairment.
  4. Relocation of furniture, computer hardware and other library equipment is disallowed.
  5. Use of VL computers is limited to
    1. Undergraduate Students is 2 hour/day
    2. PG Students is 3 hours/day
    3. PU Staff 3hours/day
    4. Reserved workstations 3hours/day.
Note: Should there be a variation in the above time allocations, the VL Librarian shall use a properly considered discretion in consultation with the Librarian.
  1. Mainly observe silence at all times, otherwise converse in very low tones.
  2. Foodstuffs and drinks are disallowed in the VL.
  3. Recreational activities like playing games, audio/video streaming, online chatting and accessing social networking sites are prohibited.
  4. Software downloading, offensive materials, installing and running other than those already installed on the computer stations is disallowed.
  5. Illegal/Unlawful activities such as (but not limited to) hacking, deleting of files, changing/tweaking of system configurations/passwords resulting to damage of systems and networks is prohibited.
  6. Receiving or making calls is highly discouraged and mobile phones, computers and audio/video devices must always be in silent mode/headphones.
  7. Use of the virtual library resources, data files, (consultation) software and media is allowed only within the academic context of research, education and study.
  8. All users of electronic information resources must abide by the terms of the appropriate licenses and copyright laws applicable to each content accessed.
  9. The Library management will not take any responsibility for any damages and loss of personal belongings that are left unattended in the VL.
  10. All items found left behind in the VL are claimable at the Information Desk on proper identification.
  11. Please co-operate with VL Staff on duty. The staff has the right to request security to remove uncooperative user(s) from the VL.
  12. PU Library adheres fully to the Kenyan Copyright Act 2012 revised edition.

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