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Frequently Required Information (F.R.I)

How to use the OPAC
This is a guide to use Pwani University Library Catalogue. This guide is designed to help you use the Library catalogue to find library materials. The library catalogues also known as the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) contains a record of every item owned by the library. The catalogue describes what the library owns, tells you where the items are and shows you how to get the items. In addition, the catalogue tells you if the item is available or checked out. If checked out, the catalogue lets you reserve the book and put your name on a waiting list. Pwani University Library Catalogue is web based and is available from any Internet-enabled computer. To access the catalogues go to Pwani University website, click library then select library catalogue. Site URL is

How to log in to my library account
  1. Click on Library Cataloguef rom the Library Website
  2. Log Into My Library Account 
  3. Enter your Library Card Number E.G. E37PU123413 and Password then click Log In
You are now logged in to your Account. Always remember to Log Out from your account to protect your personal information.
How to renew a book online
  1. Log in to your library account using your username and password
  2. A list of items you currently have checked out will appear. Choose which ones you want to renew.
  3. New due date will appear. Note the new date.
You can only renew once. Always remember to log out to protect your personal information.

How to search the catalogue
To search the OPAC you can choose either to enter your search words (e.g. Title, Author subject, ISBN etc) in the box at the top of the OPAC or click on the ‘Advanced Search’ link to perform a more detailed search. Your first screen after running the search list matching records in the catalogue. Click on the item you want to get the item’s call number. To locate an item in the library’s collection, use the call number you found in the library’s catalogue. For example for the book: Understanding nursing research. The call number is RT81.5 .B863 2011. Go to the shelves, and use the call number to find the section of alphabetical letter or letters; within that section, locate the number; within that number, find the letters/numbers after the decimal point/s; if you cannot find your book or have questions, ask the librarian.

What do those letters and numbers mean
Pwani University Library, like many academic libraries in the world and locally in Kenya uses the Library of Congress classification system (LC) to assign call numbers. The combination of letters and numbers results in arrangement of materials by subjects. The first letter(s) of a call number represent the broad subject of the material.

How to access eBooks online
Visit our e-resources page and link on either library website or main university website and click on eBooks. You will see a variety of sites that you may be able to download or view books online.
How the ebrary eBooks service work
  1.    Ebrary facilitates research and document exploration. Use the powerful search capabilities to gradually narrow your focus by specifying subjects, keywords, authors, publishers, publication years, or other information available for the documents.
  2.    At any time, you can explore the search results.
  3.    View the document’s table of contents, and see a ranking based on the relevance of your search term(s) in each chapter.
  4.    Open the document in an ebrary reader to explore and read the document.
  5.    Search the document from ebrary reader for additional terms.
  6.    Copy text.
  7.  Print pages.
  8. Save citations to RefWorks or EndNote.
If you sign in, you can highlight text, add notes, and organize information on your personal bookshelf into folders.

Do you need more information that is not captured above?

Kindly send your request, comments or suggestions via the Live Chat or email: , Phone or In-Person. 

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