Downloading eBooks using android or IOS device

ebraryEbrary is the library's collection of over 70,000 academic book titles. These books can be read on a computer or on a reading device. Below are steps to download a book to most devices. For more specific information, or if you have trouble with the steps below, check Ebrary support. How to download a book on a android or IOS device (note steps 1-2 are one time only)
  1. Make sure you have downloaded the BlueFire app to your device. Bluefire is what you will use to read the book.
  2. Go to the Info button on the Bluefire app and authorize the app with your Adobe account. If you don't have an Adobe account, go here to create one.
  3. Go to Ebrary and and sign in (upper right hand corner of the screen). You will be prompted for your A number and password).
  4. Do a search for a book and choose "download."
  5. You will get a page with download options, choose "Special Format. The entire document" It will prompt you to open the book with BlueFire Reader.
  6. Bluefire Reader should open and download the book, then giving you the option to read the book immediately or read it later.
Some Notes on Bluefire Reader Go to the Library page on the Bluefire app to see the books you have downloaded. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the title will bring you to the status page to tell you how long it will be available to read on your iPad or other device.
  1. You can return the book early on the status page as well. Some books have a limit on how many people can download them at one time.
  2. The "Get Books" icon at the bottom of the Bluefire reader will not bring you directly to any PU library books, only book sellers.